Blightworld is a free-to-play hybrid tabletop-RPG-slash-videogame powered by Google Sheets + Javascriptset + OBS set in the world of ERAFLUX—more on that below—with a companion app that helps with handling more of the complex aspects for players. Along with Twitch integration, viewers have the ability to change the world that the players find themselves in. Sounds complicated, but the framework handles most of the back-end tracking and formulas.

To read more, and get lost in the lore, ▶ I’ve created an OFFICIAL WIKI

Blightworld begins…

Set some years after the outpost on Ermoor has been operating, you along with many others find yourselves joining the PEACEKEEPER ranks. Your mission is yet unknown to you, but still you are haunted by an inescapable dread and plagued by a visions of what’s to come…


Okay so if you want to play…

Feel free to create a character ▶ Google Form - PEACEKEEPER Application.

Become familiar with the MAG (Management Assist Gear) app ▶ Sample Character Sheet

The game is in closed beta until I can iron things out and will probably be there for a while until I can build a solution that isn’t based out of Google Sheets. You can tweet me @EraFlux, or whisper LOTUSWARE on Twitch so I know who to send the profile to if I don’t know who you are.

That being said…

If you’re interested in seeing how the game is changing for you as a player come April (maybe sooner) I’ll be hosting the closed beta sessions on Twitch if you want to follow there. As time allows, I’ll be opening up more hosting sessions but for now, I think I am limited to only two a week.


Even when you’re not playing, you can earn Dust over time by watching the game be played by others.

Dust has many in-game uses (currency, empowering characters, making choices) but as a viewer, you can influence the game world by spending Dust (streamlab points) or Dust Fragments (channel points). Although using either Dust or Dust Fragments can have a profound impact in Blightworld, only Dust shifts the world towards Ire or Calm, and only Dust Fragments can be used to create events/items/effects in the game world.

More Ire More Calm
Enemies are stronger but drop better items Enemies are weaker and drop fewer items
Inhabitants of the world are more wary of players Inhabitants are more trusting and friendly towads players
Ire-aligned quests may become available Calm-aligned quets may become available

Using Dust Fragments can have such effects as bringing back bosses or inhabitants as revenants, applying modifications to enemies, and leaving messages in player’s data logs, to name a few.

Channel Commands